"Another Place" (2008)
Andy Schofield (alto/tenor sax/clarinet) & Les Chisnall (piano)
"Tales From O.C." (2013)
Andy Schofield Group:  
Andy Schofield (alto/tenor sax/keyboard) Suzanne Higgins (tenor/alto sax/flute) Johhny Heyes (guitars) Jonni Musgrave (keyboards) Neil Fairclough (bass) Bryan Hargreaves (drums)
Miscellaneous Tracks:
"A Moment Of Quiet Resignation"
Andy Schofield Ensemble:
Andy Schofield (alto sax) John Taylor (piano) Pete Turner (bass) Peter Fairclough (drums) Richard Iles/Neil Yates (trumpet) Alan Tokely (french horn) Suzanne Higgins (flute) Iain Dixon (bass clarinet) Mike Walker (guitar)

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