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Andy Schofield has been composing and arranging music for jazz orchestra for almost 40 years. His arrangements have been broadcast on TV and Radio, as well as played in live settings, for a variety of ensembles, including BBC Big Band, Ronnie Scott's Club Jazz Orchestra, Czech Radio Big Band, UMO Jazz Orchestra Helsinki, Creative Jazz Orchestra, Bulgarian Radio Big Band, Concept Art Orchestra, numerous ensembles of Universities and Colleges in UK and Europe, and of course his own projects. 

Andy currently co-directs, and writes most of the original music for, the Jazz Dock Orchestra, based in Prague. You can read more about this band on the next page...

His original piece "Hear My Voice" was a prize winner at the 2023 UMO Big Band Composing Contest in Helsinki.

For Andy, an arrangement for the jazz orchestra should be something special: a chance for extended composition and development of ideas, not merely a vehicle for solos.

Andy is currently preparing PDF versions of his original compositions/arrangements for sale. Details will appear here in the near future.

Below are some examples of scores and parts, with excerpts from live recordings in the music player to the right of the page.

All big band charts are written for 5 saxophones (with usual doubles), 4 trumpets, 4 trombones, piano, bass, drums.

Convolution Score - Full Score_edited.jpg
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