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Jazz Dock Orchestra


The Jazz Dock Orchestra is a 16-piece big band, with a once-monthly residency at Jazz Dock jazz club in Prague, beginning in January 2018, and now entering its fifth year.

The orchestra is a collaboration between Jazz Dock and the band's artistic and musical directors Andy Schofield, trombonist Jan Jirucha and saxophonist Petr Kalfus. 

The aim of the orchestra is to perform original compositions and arrangements by its members, and also to celebrate the repertoire of some of the greatest composer/arrangers in jazz history. 

Projects for 2018-21 included music by Jan Jirucha, Miroslav Hloucal, Richard Šanda and Andy Schofield, as well as classic repertoire from Thad Jones, Bob Brookmeyer, Kenny Wheeler, Charles Mingus and Duke Ellington, plus international guests such as Niels Klein (DE) Ben Wendel, and Kurt Elling (US).

Visiting artists for 2022 include Reini Schmoelzer (AT) and Richard Bona (Cameroon).

Please enjoy the recordings from some of our live concerts in the audio player below. 



Trumpets: Petr Harmáček, Miroslav Hloucal, Miroslav Nováček, Martin Juzzl


Trombones: Jan Jirucha, Stepán Janoušek, Richard Šanda,

Tomáš Bialko (bass)


Saxophones/Woodwinds: Andy Schofield, Petr Kalfus (altos) Marcel Bárta, Suzanne Higgins (tenors) Jakub Cirkl (baritone)


Piano: Jiri Levíček

Bass: Tomáš Baroš

Drums: Daniel Šoltis

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